Why Work With Us?


Whether your company is firing on all cylinders or in the throes of a financial crisis, having an experienced dedicated team that is focused on your success is an invaluable tool. There are no hidden agendas, no backroom politicking going on when you bring us on board.  We are about creating and amplifying your opportunities to improve and grow profitably.  



Short Term Assignments


Typically these are one month to three month engagements where Carpe DM Consulting brings the team to evaluate the current state of your business.  We could be there to validate a business path or be asked to explore new opportunities.  In most cases short term assignments are designed to open doors or to offer second opinions on the current state of your business.  This could lead to long term solutions, but in most cases the business is usually functioning at a fairly high level or the Company's Managment or Board are looking to evaluate our capabilities.  For these types of assignments we will provide a simple agreement and require a 50% down payment for services to start.


Medium Term Assignments


Those range from three to six months.  These might entail looking and vetting acquisition candidates.  Helping find and research potential strategic investors or partners, contract negotiation or handling investor relations and key messaging.


Long Term Assignments


Lasting longer than six months, these assigments are all encompassing.  From complete managment or board overhauls to extricating a company from potential business ending deals.  We plug up leaky holes, infuse new life and rebuild confidence.  We address and create new messaging, develop clear cut plans and execute those plans to maximize results. We don't shoot from the hip, we shoot straight and hit the targets.  Our agreements for these assignments will align our goals with yours and work to maximize results.



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