How you present yourself to your investors, media and customers says a lot about your Company.  Miss a beat in any of these steps and you could find yourself faltering without any real understanding of why.  At Carpe DM, we understand this and are here to help you plug in those gaps and close any potential critical leaks that can sink your ship.



Management Consulting



It happens in all great companies, large and small, public or private.  You find yourself in a situation and you aren't quite sure how you are going to accomplish your goals or even if you can succeed.  With Carpe DM by your side you don't have to do this alone.  We take a deep and concentrated look at your business practices and provide you with an evaluation.  We follow that up with recommendations on how and where to improve to maximize progress and minimize loss.  

Public Relations and Social Media



PR and Social Media are your gateways into the mainstream.  Having a cohesive and relevant message is critical to ensuring that the public receives the right information delivered at the right time.  Keeping up with trends and delivering your message on a regular basis helps build brand credibility and builds increasing levels of awareness.  Consumers are bombarded with messaging and they no longer respond to simple ploys.  Through public relations and social media you can build more direct relationships with your core audience.  Get heard, be heard and stay relevant.  Your messaging needs to be clear and concise.  With so many different short message medias the need to deliver a proper sound bite is critical.  Don't get left behind by the competition.  Be ready and able to adapt to the changing times.

Stock Loans



Your public company has turned the corner and your valuation is moving on up to a level that gives you a very sizable bump in your asset valuation.  You'd love to be able to access some of this new found success, but selling stock in your public company is not really an option.  You feel there is still a lot of upside to the market and you don't want to miss it.  If that is the case, then a stock loan may be what you need.  With a high LTV and low interest rates, hovering around 3-4%, a stock loan lets you keep the upside in your company while giving you access to capital for personal and professional needs.  Stock loans can be used by both affiliates and non-affiliates.  The minimum loan we consider is $300,000.  As long as you have free trading shares you can pledge as collateral and your company's stock trades approximately $50,000 per day in volume, we can arrange a loan for you.

Business Development



Opening doors to new business is an essential element to the success of any company.  Knowing the right person at your target customer is important but getting to them is the key.  With over 20 years experience in a variety of fields, Carpe DM can be your key to unlock untold opportunities.  Our level of contacts and relationships developed over this time is unparalleled.  Our out of the box thinking will present new opportunities to build your business.  Take your business to the next level with Carpe DM.

Investor Relations



IR is a critical role in every public company.  Many companies believe in the "Field of Dreams" philosophy of investor relations.  If we build a great company, investors will find us.  The truth is, having a strong investor relations team that proactively reaches out to institutional investors and security analysts is the only way to get your company the valuation it deserves.  IR is the first point of contact for many investors.  You can lose an investor for life if you don't have attentive and intelligent Investor Relations people behind you.  When that phone rings or that email comes in, a prompt response is your first step in establishing a long term relationship.  You don't know who's on the other end of the call, so you treat all callers as if they were the Fidelity, Blackstone, JP Morgan Chase or Frontier Capitals of the investing world.  Every investor is important in building your Market Cap.

Capital Formation


Capital formation is often a mission critical project for most small to midsize public companies.  This is often an area where a misstep can lead companies on a debilitating downward spiral.  Having an experienced team that understands the tricks and traps that can be hidden within these deals will help you avoid these pitfalls.  We have experience and understand which investors are long term and which will sell your deal before the ink was ever dry.  We aren't dazzled by Investment Bank speak, because we've been there and we know how they work.  There is rarely easy money in the public markets, but it doesn't have to come with a high price tag either.

Board of Directors  


Having a strong and knowledgeable Board of Directors can provide key help to a company during good times and bad. We can provide you with potential members as well as vett any candidates you may believe are appropriate.  Over the years we have placed several individuals on various corporate boards.  




IT Services - Platform Development

Through our relationship with Bhrigus Inc. all customers of Carpe DM Consulting will have access to our team of IT programmers and developers.  We will create a cost effective blended plan that lowers upfront development costs while keeping rapid development at the forefront.  Our programmers can handle everything from simple web development to complex financial reporting systems.  For more information about our IT capabilities please look at  

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