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Women & Minority Business to watch and invest in

Women, Minority and Veteran Led Business Roundup

This is the first blog of what I hope will be a growing number of entries that amplify the companies and venture funds that working on making an impact on female, minority, veteran, and underserved companies. I apologize to anyone who receives this via email twice. I'm still working out the bugs and trying to automate the sending process - Elizabeth Giorgi – CEO & Hayley Anderson – CCO

I have been following Liz Giorgi on Twitter for a few months now. Just from the posts and information she presents you can tell she is a dynamic super intelligent leader. I suggest if you want to see a founder and her business in action follow her @lizgiorgi on Twitter. Now with respect to the business, if you are an ecommerce business, product shots are of critical to sales success. Need a stellar headshot? They do that too. Matter of fact, I think they might even make me look good. Want to do a video, they got you covered. Think it is going to cost you hundreds maybe thousands to get this done? Think again. $39 for a product shot. The work is exemplary. You can go in studio and work with the team or work with them remotely. Delivery is electronic and fast. Below is taken from their website:

soona was founded by a Liz Giorgi and Hayley Anderson. Liz and Hayley are a dynamic founding creative team with a shared vision of using tech to enhance the work of creatives and improve access to high-quality custom content. they are driven to provide meaningful jobs in their studio stores while advancing their mission of making quality content accessible to brands of all sizes. together they created the Candor Clause. an open-source legal disclosure to help close the gender gap in VC. the two met and worked together at Liz’s first company. Mighteor is an innovative production company that pioneered the creation of internet-based production strategy for video. – CEO Betsy Fox

I knew about before I had met Betsy. I was a customer already when a friend suggested I speak to Betsy about her business. We immediately hit it off and her love for food matched my own. Her background as a marketing executive took her all over the world and she discovered wonderful local items. These were the kind of items that people who want to cook like Mom or Grandma longed for but must make trips to multiple stores to find ingredients.

Snuk Foods is a global bazaar of the best specialty ingredients from across the world. We are on a mission to end the “ethnic foods” aisle of your supermarket, because people of every background deserve the convenience of healthy, delicious ingredients delivered right to their doors.

RareBreed.VC – Mac Conwell Founder and Managing Partner

I found Mac and www.RareBreed.VC through my interactions on Twitter. As some of you know, this past summer I had posted an article how women and minorities were lagging in funding during the Pandemic and it was met with some resistance. Fast forward to today and we are starting to see articles and even TV shows discussing the issue. Mac is a man with a vision. Follow him on Twitter @MacConwell and see what early-stage VC leadership is about. Better yet, for a small investment you could become a Limited Partner. For seasoned executives who are reading this and have spare time, get your hands a little dirty. Help some of these folks out. Maybe there is a portfolio company that you can lend your expertise. I am going to be speaking with Mac in less than two weeks and I will be updating this piece afterward.

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