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Women and Minorities Leading Business

Women and Minorities Leading Businesses

I am introducing a new section to Carpe DM Consulting’s blog and website dedicated to Women and Minority led businesses. I am doing this because I have seen enough women and minorities swim against the tide. I am also guided by the need to make sure that when my own daughter gets out to the working world, her commitment and ideas will not be diminished because she is both a woman and a minority. I am asking my followers and my friends for help. Do you know a worthy business who needs assistance, whether business advice, financing advice an objective ear? Let’s work together to help them. I am going to start right now.

Snuk Foods – led by Betsy Fox.

Betsy is an avid traveler and foodie. It was the combination of these endeavors and a consulting gig that led her to develop Snuk Foods. What is Snuk Foods you ask? It’s a curated collection of foods and ingredients from all over the world. These are not the usual suspects, but the stuff that people who are from these places long to have in their pantry. I’ve already placed two orders and received some really excellent items. One of the most extraordinary parts about Betsy is that she listens. I mentioned that I am vegan and that there was a tab for vegetarian items, but not one for vegan. Later that day, I checked and sure enough there was a tab that let me search products so much faster. Betsy has an excellent team working with her and count among her advisors, Dana Corwin. If you are a foodie of any kind you know Dana as the former Editor in Chief of Food and Wine magazine. So what is Betsy looking for? She’s looking for financing and customers. Checkout and place an order. If you are interested in learning more about the company as an investment, email me and I will provide you with some information and we can arrange a call with Betsy.

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