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I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday week/weekend. I took the weekend off to recharge and think about the future. While I was taking a break, I noticed a person on my Twitter feed that had the same last name as one of my cousins. I gently inquired if they were related to the person I know and sure enough it was his son. This brings me to the role serendipity plays in success. It is never acknowledged by 99% of successful businesspeople. Why, because that would break the myth of the all-knowing genius. I am here to say that embracing that serendipity plays a role in every successful business, will likely allow you to expand in ways you never thought possible.

Here are the businesses to know this week.

SuperAngel – Ben Zises

Turns out Ben is the cousin of one of my cousins. We are not directly related, but how lucky am I to have found such a valuable resource. Ben is prolific as an Angel Investor and first check writer. He is known as the Super Angel and when you see his list of investments you will be suitably impressed. Here is a link to his SuperAngel pitch deck. This past quarter Ben reviewed over 600 pitch decks. Read his deck and if you think you fit his parameters, send him your pitch. He will read it of that much you can be sure. Three of Ben’s investments are Quip, Caraway and Brightland. I will say that I plan on buying a dutch oven from Caraway. You can follow Ben on Twitter @bzises

Special Social – Jason Terrell

In keeping with the theme of Serendipity, I met Jason on Twitter. He presented to me an idea that I had never really thought about, yet it was something to which I had a personal connection. Special Social is a platform designed to help parents of children who have various challenges. While there are various organizations to help parents, there is no single place for parents to learn about what is available to them. The support system for parents is severely lacking. With Special Social, parents can collectively learn from each other, help find resources and organizations that are local to them and find parents who are in similar situations. If you are wondering how many people this comprises, there are over 23 million parents with at least one child between the ages of 5 to 16 that are classified as special needs. Special Social will help parents in immeasurable ways. You can follow Jason on Twitter @theRealJTerrell. If you are an investor and want the pitch deck, please email me I will post a link to it next week as well.

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