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Carpe DM Companies to Watch - LVNG Books & Bloc Power

Companies to Watch – LVNG Books and Bloc Power

LVNGBook – Shaun Chavis - CEO, Creator

If you know someone who has been diagnosed with a long term or lifelong illness you probably will find out that nutrition is not high on a doctor’s priority list of things to discuss. For many physicians it is an after thought and their advice is often limited to statements like avoid sugar or salt or something else. I know this through first-hand experience and Shaun Chavis knows this too. It led her to the creation of LVNG Books. The concept is simple, you have just been diagnosed with a disorder that requires you to change your eating habits. You are probably wondering how am I going to manage this, what am I going to eat? The doctor hands you a book. It says the Dr.’s Guide for eating with X, 100 recipes to get you started to a healthier you. The books can be generic or imprinted with doctor’s name or the medical centers name. There will also be a downloadable app to help create shopping lists and offer up new recipes as they are developed. If you cannot leave the house to go shopping, no problem either. Each recipe will have a QR code that you scan, and the items needed can be ordered from Instacart, Amazon, Walmart, or a local Supermarket. Shaun is currently looking for physicians and angel investors right now. Her twitter @ShaunChavis and her website is

BlocPower – Donnel Baird – CEO and Co-Founder and Keith Kinch – General Manager and Co-Founder

I found BlocPower researching for another project. I was immediately taken by the founders’ mission and what they have accomplished so far. They recently raised a $63MM series A round and are well on their way to becoming a growing success. BlocPower is a climate technology startup based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, was founded in 2014 with a mission to make American cities greener and healthier. To date, the company has retrofitted more than 1,000 buildings in financially disadvantaged communities throughout New York City, and has projects underway in 24 cities. Here is a really powerful video of what BlocPower is doing

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