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Women, Underrepresented and Veteran Business Roundup – Plus a bit more.

This week’s addition features three great companies and some happy updates

I finally got to speak face to face with Mac Conwell of - if you aren’t following him @macconwell on Twitter. I suggest you do if you want some great insight into the VC world. He is a very impressive person and really giving of his time. I wholeheartedly encourage you to contact him and see if an investment into his fund would be appropriate. So let’s talk about one of his investments. takes the pain out of remodeling your bathroom. If you have ever done a remodel job on your home, you know that it rarely goes smoothly. It is basically a pain in the ass. Trying to juggle all the different people and permits and delays makes the process something that people never want to go through again. That is where comes along. They use technology to show you what your bathroom will look like when completed, right down to grout color (trust me it matters). The process of work is streamlined as is the payment process. Payments are always an issue on a remodel, but Remodelmate creates stages that need to be completed before a payment is triggered. This helps keeps projects on schedule and they handle any problems. All I can say is that tackling a bathroom remodel couldn’t be easier with –Bar Kishon – CEO, Co-founderess and Rony Rom – COO, Co-founderess

Communyco is going to be a great place for creators who are looking for a safe and dedicated place to build their audience. With an easier way to monetize than YouTube, you do not need a massive audience to turn your side hustle into a full-time creative gig. The best part is that is it’s designed to be safe and avoid the trolls that you find on YouTube. As a YouTube creator, I can attest to the annoyance of having people and bots posting really horrible things that then have to be removed by me. Communyco is currently fundraising and here is a link to their presentation. I’ve had a number of chats with Romy and I am impressed with her knowledge and the company’s dedication to inclusiveness. It is obviously something especially important to me and it is clearly part of the Communyco ecosystem. I encourage you to check them out. – Brandon Brooks – CEO

Brandon Brooks is on a mission. His goal is to improve his community by building the small businesses in that community. To achieve that goal, he founded Inventrify. Inventrify’s mission is to connect small business owners with investors that believe in their ideas, both locally and nationally. By helping small businesses with their start-ups, Inventrify will promote the growth and prosperity of local communities across the country. Inventrify truly simplifies the process of connecting entrepreneurs with people that can help make their visions a reality. Inventrify recently partnered with the Pittsburgh Steelers and that should help amplify Mr. Brook’s mission and help spread the word to other cities. Keep your eye out for Mr. Brooks and follow him on Twitter @OfficialBBrooks

The Good News Report

Last week I spoke about GRID and their CEO Mariam Nusrat. I’m super excited to announce that she is making some great strides. She just got accepted into a well-known accelerator program that is providing her with $50K in funding. If you would like her pitch deck, just email or Mariam Nusrat at

MC2, the blockchain for music licensing, is getting major traction. There have been some additions to the platform that allow it to offer other assets on the platform. This slight pivot has generated a whirlwind of activity with deals being signed by major groups. While the company is still in stealth mode for the moment, all will be revealed very soon. If you know anyone in the entertainment field, please feel free to have them email to see if they might not be a fit for MC2’s platform. If you are interested in investing, the company is looking to raise 500K.

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