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Docpoint Global, Inc. Engages Carpe DM Consulting to Assist the Company’s Marketing, Financial and B

Company Looks to Expand its Business and Position itself for its First Outside Funding

Houston, TX/ Jacksonville, FL/ San Juan, Puerto Rico – (August 25, 2017) – Docpoint Global Inc. is a Healthcare Provider/Patient cloud-based communication management system today announced that it has engaged Carpe DM Consulting (www.carpedminc.com) to assist the company as it builds its business. Docpoint Global has built a platform that allows patients to manage appointments online on their own schedule and greatly reduces No-Shows in healthcare practices and a patient’s waiting time. The system is currently available in English and Spanish.

Some of the direct benefits that Docpoint users have found:

  • Unlimited email and text with real time confirmation from patients 48 hours prior to the appointment allows for optimization of the practice calendar and staff utilization.

  • Docpoint reduces missed appointments (No-Shows) increasing the practice revenue.

  • Patients can be reminded to fast, or bring prescription drugs or other needed information prior to scheduled procedures.

  • Insurance confirmation can be provided electronically before the office visit.

  • Docpoint can be linked to the Electronic Medical Records.

  • It benefits any kind of healthcare practice or business including primary care physicians, specialists, blood test labs, vaccination centers, pharmacies, imaging centers, therapists, mental health, etc.

  • Doctors can communicate by email and text with their patients, other specialists and pharmacies.

  • Staff currently dedicated to creating and confirming appointments by phone can be given other duties such as billing.

  • Docpoint provides marketing tools for the practice:

  • personalized online profile (webpage) for providers and clinics

  • newsletters,

  • emails,

  • referrals

  • social media connection

  • patient satisfaction metrics

  • demographics and data analytics

Greater Patient Experience = Increased Profits

Lorna Ortiz, PhD., Founder of Docpoint Global, Inc. stated, “We are extremely excited about working with seasoned entrepreneurs like Carpe DM Consulting. Their depth of experience, knowledge and market access will help us as we begin to expand our platform.”

Stephen Day, Executive Chairman and CFO added, “I have known Ed Fine and Stuart Fine since 2003 when I did another deal with them. I knew their experience and their long-standing ethical management practices would be perfect to help guide Docpoint as it quickly grows."

Edward Fine, President of Carpe DM Consulting said, “This is a very exciting opportunity for Carpe DM Consulting. With all the current changes occurring within the healthcare industry, I believe that the Docpoint platform can help physicians capture significant amounts of lost revenue while simultaneously improving the patient experience and improving the overall physician’s compliance and profitability. ”

About Carpe DM Consulting

Carpe DM Consulting (www.carpedminc.com) brings over 100 years of experience to start-ups, private and public company business management, financing, negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, public relations, guerilla marketing, strategic marketing, sales and business development. Our extensive network outreach can find the critical parts to build any business effectively and efficiently.

About Docpoint Global Inc.

Docpoint (www.docpointglobal.com) offers to the medical industry the system Docpoint. A revolutionary cloud base system that reduces No-Shows and is greatly convenient for patients. Docpoint Global Inc. brings more than 70 years of combined experience in development and execution of technology solutions for different industries (space, biotech, energy, digital health). Led by an experienced management team, and supported by a Board of Advisors with strong healthcare business experience, Docpoint is the perfect partner for large and small healthcare providers.


Stuart Fine Carpe DM Consulting 908-469-1788 stuart@carpedminc.com

Stephen Day Docpoint Global Inc. 904-207-4224 sday@docpoint.com


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