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PieShell.com the Foodie Driven Crowdfunding site is Right on Target



Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs Meet PieShell.com - The Crowdfunding Site for you

For Foodies with an Appetite for Business #checkout PieShell.com.

We all have friends who are just outstanding cooks. They have some signature dish or food creation that you think, “Wow. You should sell this.” The typical response is, “Thanks, but ….” Well there are no buts about PieShell.com and the opportunity they present to Foodpreneurs. Starting a food based business is difficult. It can be capital intensive, very time intensive and marketing intensive. However, there is a driving force behind you that pushes you on to taking your passion and making it a business reality. PieShell.com is a crowd funding site that is designed for the food and beverage business. Unlike more well known crowd funding sites, PieShell.com knows the food business and what its customers/funders are looking for on their site. This knowledge translates into success for the entrepreneurs who work with the site. While major crowd funding sites have a near 75% failure rate for food and beverage based ventures, PieShell has had a 100% success rate. This success rate can be attributed to PieShell.com’s leader and founder, Cheryl Clements. After speaking with Cheryl recently, I was very impressed with her position on why businesses are successful at raising funds on her site, yet fail on others. I’m not going to reveal her secrets, but she knows what’s she’s doing and what it takes to make a food and beverage business successful. In just a short period of time, Cheryl has become a regular presenter on the crowd funding space and the knowledge that she has gained can be imparted to you by contacting her at PieShell.com.

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