Where the Passion Begins

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After a successful career in Investor Relations and Public Relations, Stuart founded Carpe DM Consulting in August 2001.  He provides a unique ability to make connections and create opportunities for his clients.  He credits his father with understanding numbers and how they play into a story and his mom for his creative edge.




I am a leader, teacher, manager and mentor. In those roles I have been a CPA, CEO, CFO, COO, COB and an Investment Banker.  I have worked for NYSE companies, NASDAQ companies and private companies, large and small.  I have had significant successes and my share of failures. All of these experiences over 55 years have helped me to provide my clients with outstanding advice that has led to their success and helped them avoid the mistakes that could lead to disaster. 

I believe in diversity in the workplace and, as a manager I have always promoted those that have earned and deserved those promotions.  I have encouraged my clients to do the same and have helped them hire or promote the right people for their organizations.

In private or public companies I have led, or as an Investment Banker, I have raised or participated in the raising of close to a billion dollars. I founded two companies and took a functionally bankrupt company to profitability and sale to a public company. I have

been involved in the manufacturing and service industries involving leasing, equipment manufacturing, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, consumer products and insurance, to

name a few. I have worked on or led merger and acquisition teams.